First time in Finland! Ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa!

Sona Jobarteh will be headlining the Fest Afrika festival 2024. She will perform in Pakkahuone, Tampere on 13.7.2024, mark you calendars!

Sona in Paris

Sona Jobarteh esiintyy Tullikamarin Pakkahuoneella Lauantaina 13.7 / Sona performs at Tullikamarin Pakkahuone on Saturday 13.7

Kora Virtuoso | Singer | Composer | Educator | Activist

Sona Jobarteh is a unique and pioneering musical icon of her time whose renown has been rapidly flourishing globally. 


Born into a Griot family from the Gambia, a tradition that dates back seven centuries, she is the first female within this tradition to become a professional virtuoso on the Kora. Her music is uniquely poised between the preservation of her rich cultural heritage and an accessible, modern style that relates to the current era and to audiences from all over the world. 


At the heart of her success as an artist is her dedication to humanitarian activism in the areas of social development and educational reform on the continent of Africa.  She is the Founding Director of The Gambia Academy, an institution dedicated educational reform for Africans on the continent of Africa.

Sona performing in Hollywood Bowl 2019.



Headliner at major festivals around the world, her US tours included shows at  the renowned Hollywood Bowl and Symphony Space in New York City.


Gambia Academy

Sona Jobarteh’s pioneering academy that she founded and runs in The Gambia demonstrates the need for  educational reform for young Africans. 



Sona wrote her first film score in 2010. Since then she has written and featured in numerous film scores, latest in a Hollywood production Beast starring Idris Elba.



Sona Jobarteh conducts lectures, presentations and holds residencies in Universities and institutions around the world, specialising in the area of the Griot tradition and its relationship to contemporary society. 



Sona Jobarteh delivers speeches in the areas of educational reform, gender and entrepreneurship in Africa at high profile events around the world including summits for the UN and the World Trade Organization.

Sona with GhanaPresident<br />

Sona Jobarteh, Asante King and former Ghana President J.J Rawlings