Saturday 18.6.
African market

Saturday 18.6.

Tickets 20 €. Tickets at the door 25 €.

Ticket selling starts at the doors from 9 pm

22.00 Djeli Moussa Conde
23.30 Nayaband
01.00 Dekula Band

+ DJ Nestar, DJ George MTV,
MC Chapachapa, MC Santos SP

Dekula Band


Dekula band is a wonderful soukous band with their roots in Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Sweden. The band’s mission is to get you up and dance and to feel good in the moment. However their lyrics can sometimes adress serious problems and situation in their native country Congo.

Dekula band is centered around the legendary guitar player Dekula Kahanga (who was in the leading dance orchestra in Tanzania during the 70’s and 80’s: Orchestra Maquis Original) , this African band (based in Sweden) have been a very popular live band for the last years. Whether it’s been at one of their monthly gigs at the not so glamorous club Lilla Wien in Stockholm or at bigger venues at Stockholm Jazz Festival.

Dekula Kahanga and the singer Gaby are both from Congo and with the other members coming from Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Sweden they all bring their special influences to the infectous and hypnotic style of soukous that they have refined over the years.

At the end of 2019 they played at the great Afro festival Face Z in Geneva, Switzerland (among great acts like Stella Chiwise, Tallawit Timboctou and many more). And if it wasn’t for this virus thing, dekula band would’ve just got back from  touring in Tanzania right now. This band wants you to dance and with their infectous and hypnotic melodies and rhythms it’s impossible to not start a dancefloor wherever that might be…



NAYABAND the project created and led by Nayaban Jean, composer and author, represents multiculturalism and miscegenation. Taking black music as its roots, the band adopts sources as varied as reggae, dub, blues, jazz, or African rhythms such as mbalax, soukonss or beugeurebo, among others.

Nayaban Jean, Senegalese and leader of the group, was trained in Senegal with troubadours passionate about the traditions and roots of African music.
With this exquisite learning as a musical basis, he formed the group Banor-Z in Senegal , with which after making a recording, he became known in the Canary Islands with multiple performances.

Thus, he began his musical career in Spain, founding Mystic Vibes in 2003 and Afro Accoustic Experience in 2004 , reaching musical solidity in 2005 with the formation of NAYABAND. The appearance of this band offered the music scene the freshness of miscegenation created by the African cultural heritage of its leader and the heterogeneous and multicultural nature of sounds from other continents.

Djeli Moussa Condé


Djeli Moussa Conde reveals his own personal experience and unique and original path through powerful militant lyrics. With his deep, strong and authentic voice and sharp Kora playing style, Djeli captivates his audience from the very first notes. Born in Guinea and living in Paris for a long time, Djeli, or “Menilmontant-griot,” was quickly discovered. Under the influence of many cultures, he creates a significant universe full of both tribal and modern sonority.