Festival Market

Friday, July 6th & Saturday, July 7th 2018

12–21 @ Tullikamarin aukio

Fest Afrika festival market will be a joyful meeting place for anyone interested in African cultures, beautiful things and good food! There will be some program, too.

Sellers and products on the market e.g.:

 Handmade macramé jewelry
 Agulu, handicrafts from Uganda
 Recycled glass jewelry of beads from Ghana, jewelry of clay beads from Mali, fabrics and instruments
 Tähdenkantajat ry, fair trade handicrafts, instruments and artwork
 Äetsän Seudun Kehitysmaaseura, African textiles, clothes, instruments, jewelry, sculptures etc.
 Lempäälän NMKY & MMK Maailma, me kaikki ry, Gambian products to support two preschools
 Fabrics and jewelry from Benin 
 Katja’s Coffee Sack, products made of coffee sacks 

If you want to sell your products or present your association at the market, you can rent a spot (25/50 euro per day). Ask Marita (firstname@festafrika.net) about possible free spots!

Open stage

At the market will also take place Fest Afrika’s traditional open stage event.

Additions and changes to the program are possible!


[12-13 Sami’s Sambashop (workshop for children and youth)]

15 Dominique Sossou: dances from Benin

17 Los Timberos (SalsaHouse): Rueda Show


13 Razzmatazz Junnutiimi: Movin ‘n Groovin

14 Face to Face (music)

15 Sila Fato’s Musical Stories

16 Dances from Somalia

17 MM-Sextet (music)

18 Eben: akrobatics

If you want to perform at the market, send an email to Minna (minna.mustakangas (at) gmail.com) and let us know what kind of a performance you would offer and on which day you would like to perform. The market is best suited for performances that do not need PA or just simple amplification (e.g. background music) is sufficient.

Fest Afrika Kids


Handicrafts, drawing and other activities in the children’s tent at the market.

Fri & Sat 13–15 Jewelry workshop

Neema Mjengwa, a sculptor and artist from Tanzania, will lead a non-stop jewelry workshop for children on both days. Neema studied at the Bagamoyo Sculpture School and specialized in clay sculpting and wood carving, as well as batik and ornaments. Her artwork has been displayed in exhibitions in Tanzania, Germany, Sweden, USA and Finland. She has been giving handicrafts workshops also at the Haapavesi Folk Music Festival in recent years.

Fri at 12 Sami’s Sambashop

Sami Kontola’s workshop of Afro-Brazilian rhythms is open for everyone regardless of their previous musical skills. During this session you will heat about the origins of the rhythms and get to know e.g. samba, samba de roda, samba-reggae and sambafunk, but first and foremost we will play listening to each other and being energized by the music. You don’t need your own samba instruments, but in case you have some, you can bring them with you.

Sami is a musician and music teacher from Jyväskylä. He has been playing drums in different orchestras and bands for about 35 years, and teaching drumming for 25 years. Sami has played in the drum group of the world famous samba school Mangueira since 2010. Lately he has been spending a lot of time in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, where he has dived deep into the beauty of bossa nova, samba, capoeira and music in general.

The workshop is suited for children (and adults) from 4 years old upwards.

Sat at 15 Sila Fato’s Musical Stories

Sila Fato’s Musical Stories (Sila Faton Soivat Tarinat) brings children far away to Western Africa. The sounds of balafon and kora paint the colors to musical stories with heroes such as a ram who thinks he is a lion and a hippo with a big mouth. The audience can join in singing and dancing if they like.

Performers: Maarika Autio (balafon, kora, singing, storytelling and dance) and Cheick Cissokho (kora, drums and singing).

photo: Mikael Mattila