Do you want to perform or sell your products? Join us at the Fest Afrika market!

The Fest Afrika festival market will crowd Tullinaukio market place on 5th and 6th July! The market will be a joyful meeting place for anyone interested in African culture, beautiful things and good food! There will be special program for kids on both days and an open market with interesting performances.

photo: Mikael Mattila

Are you interest in performing on the open stage at the market? Please contact Minna and tell what kind of a performance would you like to offer and which day would suit you better. Best suited for the market are performances that do not need amplification or only needs simple equipment (e.g. for playing background music).

If you want to sell your products or present your organization at the festival market, you can reserve a spot at the market here: (30€/day). For more information: Marita, tel. 040 703 8206, marita (at)