Freedom of speech (Finland 100) / Pirfest   Recently updated !

As part of Finland’s 100 year celebrations, Pirfest the association of festivals in the Pirkanmaa region, launched a series of videos representing the member festivals and their views on the freedom of speech in Finland. The video about Fest Afrika and the 2017 festival theme “Voices to be heard” emphasizes the importance of also minorities having their voices heard in Finnish society.

Video production: Reunamedia (Sami Lindfors, Ida Tokola, Ilana Pantzar, Miikka Varila)

Sananvapauden tarina artwork in the intro: Ville Färsaaret

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble – Djigbo (N. Saizonou)
Malang Cissokho – Simbo
Afrotysonia – No more