Extra Bongo (Tanzania) & Super Nyamwela / ndombolo 1

The special guest of Fest Afrika 2012 is Extra Bongo from Tanzania (watch on YouTube) – for the first time in Finland! The band was established in 2003 and has since become popular all over East Africa. Extra Bongo combines traditional melodies to urban dance music in ndombolo style.

Extra Bongo will perform on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, see program.

There will also be a ndombolo dance workshop by Super Nyamwela, probably the most famous Tanzanian dancer and choreographer, to get everyone ready for the Extra Bongo groove!

Ndombolo is an urban style of dance and music, originally from Congo, but now popular all over Africa – of course also in Tanzania. Ndombolo music has an irresistible groove, and the dancing is characterized by rotations and accents of the hips combined with relatively simple steps. Everyone can dance ndombolo in their own way, so Super Nyamwela’s workshop fits beginners but also offers challenge to more experienced dancers.

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